I tested the same EA on XM and Tradeview MT5, and there was a difference in the quality of historical.


If you had created an EA for MT5 in Tradeview, the Strategitester of history quality was dyed red (^^;)

This is gocoroyul to develop the EA, so I tried to download and install a Meta Trader 5 of XM The other day, in the past three years in the back test of the history quality is 99% and the bar rough is almost green and filled with relief.

However, historical is not to be able to develop the EA for a while in Tradeview.

It looks like the following image when I test it back with the mt5 of two companies the exact same EA. The above is Tardeview under XM.

XM Back Test results

Tradeview Back Test results

If you use the exact same EA for the past three years and test it back, the result will be the difference. And if you look at the history quality of Tradeview, only 3%.

I do not know whether to believe the results of this back test even if you try to move the EA in a good tradeview of the conditions of spread, it remains uneasy to use the EA that has been developed for XM.

Hang in there, Tradeview!

However, it is not a problem if you do not auto-buy in the EA, the person who just wants to use the MT5 indicator seems to be good to choose either mt5. The rest is whether you deal with the object to trade.

If you want to trade bitcoins, it is a choice, but if you want to use it as a chart software for binary options, it is a feeling that it is good or not honestly either.

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