Tradeview to create EA for forex MT5 also poor historical quality

Aurusdorus / Pixabay

I have been interested in the EA for MT5 on the machine Tradeview forex has adopted a good spread conditions metatrader5

I have created a MT5 ea before, but I did not have a broker that can be moved, so motivation is not a moment. Tradeview has just adopted MT5, so I hope it will be usable for a while. It is very unlikely that the auto-trade will be migrated at a stretch, so it would be nice if people interested in a rich chart time foot and a standard indicator will gradually move to MT5.

The first EA I created was a simple configuration that eliminates all filters such as trend filters and time filters in Bollinger reverse-fronted EA. It is an EA for the euro pound which is the best currency pair for contrarian, and moves for one hour.

The history quality is worrisome here. Only 15% (T_T)

MT5 will get the historical automatically during the back test, so I think it was not here, I wonder if the specification has changed? It is likely to have to study a little.

When I downloaded the MT5 from the site of metaquotes company before, I thought that it would be this time because it was 99% of the history quality, but I was a little bit unexpected.

I might not be able to do the hand until historical just to start the mt5 yet. No, I hope so.