EA for MT5 of simple logic using ADX

PIRO4D / Pixabay

I tried to make an EA because there was a little flash the signal indicator for MT5 in the last article. The last indicator I created was a signal with a cross of + Di and-Di, but the entry was changed to a different method because I felt that the timing shifted slightly when cross.

The advantage of making an EA with MT5 is that it allows you to use a full CPU performance because it works with multithreading when optimizing. The back test only uses one thread, but it can be used to process multiple back tests at the same time, so it is possible to shorten the working hours.

If you want to optimize your EA with MT5, you can put the logic into MT4, and if you do not have a chance, just put it in the payment box. I have to make an EA for MT5 and MT4, so it is a two-time effort, probably will not be suffering from such a likely logic can rarely (^_^;)

So I tried to make an EA while feeling the great romance in ADX. Because it is an indicator of the trend system, it seems to fit a good pound yen movement. I always struggle to make an EA is what to do with the settlement, let’s try to chase at the tray ring stop easily. It would be nice to keep a little distance when the trend occurs.

The results of the optimization and the back test are as follows.

It is not a result that would want to test forward only with the logic of ADX indeed, but I can feel the possibility of ADX somehow. EA will be easy to create even in the next article I’ll try to create.