Developing EA for MT5 using Exponential Moving Average (TEMA)

I tried to make an EA using the indicator triple Exponential Moving average (TEMA) in MT5 not to MT4. Tema is basically a kind of moving average line, so there is no change in the average price of the past, I do not think the same as when you create an EA on the moving average line as a trading strategy.

You can do most of the things you can do with the moving average EA, using a short line and a long baseline golden cross or a dead cross, or using a slope or a gap in price.


The potential of Tema itself was felt somehow when I was fiddling with the indicator, so I would be more excited about it than when creating an EA on the normal moving average line.

Because I do not have an account in the broker that can use the MT5, I do not have to make it in a hurry especially because it is not possible to use it immediately even if I develop an EA for MT5 and work carefully.

It was created with a very simple logic, but the potential of TEMA is somehow transmitted.

Dollar yen


Pound yen

Because not only tema AMA seems to be good, it is likely to be able to keep the motivation of mt5ea development for a while W

It is a very attractive mt5 because it seems to be able to trade Bitcoin if it is XM, but I would be happy if you deal with a domestic broker if possible.

There seems to be a broker who can trade binary options by using the plug-in MT4, but it seems to open an account without hesitation even in the overseas broker if you can trade binary options with MT5 adoption brokers.