XM MT5 is likely to use the EA for Bitcoins (bitcoin)

While using the MT5 of Tradeview forex is gradually getting used to the ease of use of MT5, except for the details of the operation is almost the same as MT4 and naturally feel the same.


If it’s time to move from MT4 to MT5, it’s going to be doable (laughs)


In those days, it is likely to have appeared abundantly such as the EA and the indicator of the commercial MT5. I was looking at the future of MT5 while looking for a broker called XM.


XM had an image of a wide spread, so I knew it was a MT5 recruiting broker, but I didn’t have a good impression. Not only FX, but also commodities (commodities), stock indices, precious metals, energy, virtual currency (bitcoin) is a lot of trade objects, so I wanted to find out properly.


Actually, XM was once installed when I started dealing with MT5, but since there is a history that I have uninstalled immediately, I would have no point to appeal to me at the time ^ ^;


But if you take a good look at the XM site, the logo of the bitcoins is placed next to the XM logo. If you try to check the page of “Transactions” and the character of the virtual currency.


This means that you can trade bitcoins in MT5 (^o^)


Trade view is enough for trading FX, the virtual currency is still large, there is a big attraction to trade. I would not trade the exchange with XM, but I’m very interested in trading objects other than foreign exchange.


Well, bitpoint (bit point) of the domestic trader can use it because it can auto-sell in MT4.


BTCUSD is the only bit coin you can trade with XM, but it’s enough for your own use. The problem is how much historical is fulfilling.


I would like to create an EA as soon as the historical is full, probably only recent data. The world of the automatic trading, let’s plan the strategy patiently though it is thought that it is likely to become it anyway if it makes the forward-fronted EA.